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WEBINAR: Generative AI Considerations for Association Boards and CEOs

Tuesday, August 6, 2024
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (CDT)

Through our partner, Seminarweb.

Event Details

We must get this right.

Generative AI (GAI) demands that these five words become a mantra for every association board and CEO. GAI is not simply "a tool." It is a profoundly disruptive force that has been unleashed on society, organizations, and individuals, with a level of impact that is growing in increasingly unpredictable ways. When it comes to GAI, decisions made (or not made) today will have far-reaching consequences for stakeholders and successors for the rest of this decade and beyond.

For association boards and CEOs, the only option is close collaboration to ensure the ethical, purposeful, and responsible adoption of GAI and other AI technologies. This session will challenge attendees to reflect on the current and future implications of GAI for their associations, industries and professions, and the broader world, and will help senior staff and voluntary decision-makers think through the myriad stewardship, governing, and foresight considerations they will need to address.